Once more into the breach!

Okay, that last one didn't work; let's try this again. I'm going to shoot for a post a month, to begin with. Hopefully, I can keep it up...

So, where were we? Well, I've still got my smallholding. The winter barley is getting its first snowfall of the year (!). Chickens are giving us the occasional egg, mostly holding out for slightly longer days. I probably could have harvested hops, if everything hadn't gotten away from me; they'll have to wait for this year. Likewise much of the garden. On the bright side, there were no real disasters, so I've got that.

I'm brewing regularly again. In fact, there's an historical-ish English ale coming up to a boil as I type this. I've got a half-batch moscat pyment on deck, for my wife. And I've got to decide what to make next month... I'm leaning towards a brown ale, for drinking in the late spring or early summer.

Also on deck, I'll be a beekeeper, come springtime (mid-May or so). I'm looking forward to it, and not just for the honey and wax. I've long been interested in bees, and now I'll get to work with them up-close.

Here's to a new year, and new excitement!

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