Friday, November 26, 2010

Quick Mead Update

Just a quick note on how the quick mead turned out:  the pyment finished, cleared, and was bottled; the "traditional" mead was still cloudy as of Monday.  I'm visiting with family (I hope everyone's Thanksgiving is/was well); we've cracked one bottle of the pyment.

Overall, I'd call it a mixed success.  It came across as an off-dry red table wine.  Its concord grape character was still quite evident; the honey was very subdued.  I will absolutely have to do this again with "good" wine grapes--perhaps Riesling for a white; maybe a nice Cab-Sauv for a red.  It will, I'm sure, end up even more wine-like.  I'll probably sweeten it a bit further on the back end, as well: make it semi-sweet, and it will probably bear a strong resemblance to the Georgian wines I'm so fond of.  If I did a bit less back-sweetening, I think it would have more of a wine character, despite the concord grapes.

One area that I'm simply amazed: it dropped absolutely crystal clear, "read a newspaper through it" clear, and all that in under a month.  It's the most beautiful ruby red...  Photos will be forthcoming after I get home, next week.

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