Friday, May 14, 2010

Guys' Night Out

So, last night was the inaugural Guys' Night Out locally.  This was in response to many many weeks of my Lady Wife heading off to a weekly Girls' Night Out.  There was but myself and one other, but given the turnout (or lack thereof) for my Brew Days, I'm reasonably pleased with it.  I hope to do these monthly; I'm keeping them "invite-only" for now, and the current invitation list has four names on it.  Hopefully, next month will see more of us able to make it.  :)

We dined at DuClaw, in Arundel Mills.  I've been continually pleased with the brews there, despite my running commentary of "they're all extreme, in some way."  The food is quite good, as well--I think their cooks are getting a little jaded for parts of it, so it lacks a certain crispness, if that's the right word.  I probably should have had one of the new offerings on the menu--I will admit to having been tempted by the Kobe turf & surf--but I went with an old standby.

In all, the conversation was wide-ranging and good; combined with good brews and good food, I'd rate the evening a success.  Plans for future Nights Out include several other brewpubs, as well as some slightly more eclectic restaurants.  As ever, I'm open to suggestions from you, Readers.  Any tips for the Baltimore/DC metro area?

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