More from Overseas

As promised, this time around I'll opine briefly on more of the brews I had during my recent trip. Unfortunately, it'll have to be brief--I wasn't able to jot down notes as comprehensively as I might have liked. Nevertheless, here goes:

London's Pride (Fuller's): This was rich and malty. The hop balance was good. I could have had multiple multiple of these--more than I did, anyway.

Tetley's Draught Bitter: I had one of these in the airport in London. I found it to be a mild, flavorful session-type beer. Not bad, for being canned--the widget helped.

Caffrey's: This was from the mild/bitter family. It was thirst-quenching and dry, and overall quite pleasant.

Abbott Ale: I had this a couple of times, both from cask (served with a beer engine). It was tasty, but the first one I tried was from an old(-er) cask, and was getting a bit stale. The later one I had was pretty good.

Guinness Red: This tasted as though they went ahead and tried to sell a stout that they had messed up. It had the flavor profile of the stout, but tasted watered down. The marketing was accurate as far as the color--it was, indeed, red. Beyond that, though, I was disappointed to have to rate it a solid "meh."

Cairngorm Black Gold: A "Scottish Stout." This, in contrast to the Red, above, was good. Black Gold struck me, in fact, as a chewier version of Guinness' stout. Very rich and malty, and only 4.4% ABV. Quite lovely.

Kelham Goldihops: This had a similar hop aroma to my "First Class IPA". It is definitely in the pale ale family. It was session-ish, only clocking in at 3.8%, and tasty, but none of us could have more than a single pint, as it had a strong aroma of rotten eggs to get past. I'd have to try this from a different engine, or at the brewery, before I completely ruled it out, but for now, I'd pass on a second one.

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