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So, I returned last week from my previously-mentioned trip to Pensacola, Florida. Good fortune smiled on me, and I discovered a lovely place called "Hopjacks". I can't say much about it, beyond that it was one of the better bars I've found, and it had the added advantage of being a really cool pizza joint. The wait-staff/bartenders were all extremely friendly and helpful, which was a big plus. The pizza was great. The 36 beers on tap were good, too, not to mention the additional 50 or 60 or so bottled varieties. All in all, I'd rate it a 9 out of 10, were I the sort to rate these types of things.

This past weekend was Atlantian Coronation; we have our first Russian King and Queen (Tsar and Tsarina?). I was in attendance, with the majority of a set of full Russian court garb. It would have been a full set, but there were a series of delays, which resulted in the Shuba not being completed. All told, though, my Lady Wife did a spectacular job on it--I looked great!

I brought the Great Beer Cart to the event, as well; I had just gotten it all set up, when we were made aware that the site was dry--even though that particular fact didn't make it into any of the event literature... I had "intended" to tap the SMaSH Pale Ale and a Pils. Everything made it home, safe and sound, and I can now report that the SMaSH came out fairly well, with good malt-hop balance, while the Pils ended up nearly IPA-like in hoppiness. I shall have to revisit that recipe.

The upcoming weekend is a four-day, but I'm not yet certain when I'll be brewing next... I may have to attend the funeral of a close friend's wife, which really isn't the sort of thing to encourage the gaiety of a Brew Day. With luck (and planning), though, I can arrange one before Lochmere's Baronial Birthday at the end of the month.

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