Bonus Brew Day

So, I had a friend over yesterday, and we did an India Pale Ale. The brew day wasn't planned (prior to Friday); really, it was a "drinking" day, with the brewing thrown in for fun. We were commisserating on not having been promoted again this year... But that's behind us, for now.

The brew went well; it's fermenting nicely--it'll be a lovely, hoppy, golden-amber brew. I also pulled the Dunkelweizen from the tap, and replaced it with the pale ale I did back in January. The dunkel was beginning to taste vaguely of nail polish remover, which is a sure sign it's going. There probably wasn't more than four pints left, anyway. The pale ale is a lovely, fairly "soft," floral thing. I'm not sure I'll go that direction again--it's good, but not exactly to my taste.

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