Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Return from a veritable Beer Wasteland

So, I've recently returned from visiting my parents in the lovely state of Georgia. Unfortunately, draconian beer laws there have only relatively recently been repealed, so good brews are somewhat hard to find. My father, fortunately, knows my preferences, and got a case of Sam Adams (perhaps my favorite non-homebrew beer) before I come down.

I've friends who goggle at the thought of me drinking Budweiser (from a can, no less!) at the VFW while in GA. I generally come back with the explanation that I'll typically choose the "best of what's available, for what I'm thirsty for" from whatever the selection is. Bud's good, for a mass-produced American Lager--I've got to give them points for consistency. But really, I should probably start doing something like ordering a Coke when I'm there.

My Lady Wife wants me to brew up a couple of batches of something--probably a "Premium American Lager"--and bring them, kegged, when we visit in December. I'm mulling it over--I've got a few things I'd like to put together, first, such as a filtration system for the beer. The HERMS project is on hold, temporarily, but it will probably get picked up again in a month or so.

Next week, I'll be in Pensacola, Florida. Does anyone have recommendations for good local brews?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bonus Brew Day

So, I had a friend over yesterday, and we did an India Pale Ale. The brew day wasn't planned (prior to Friday); really, it was a "drinking" day, with the brewing thrown in for fun. We were commisserating on not having been promoted again this year... But that's behind us, for now.

The brew went well; it's fermenting nicely--it'll be a lovely, hoppy, golden-amber brew. I also pulled the Dunkelweizen from the tap, and replaced it with the pale ale I did back in January. The dunkel was beginning to taste vaguely of nail polish remover, which is a sure sign it's going. There probably wasn't more than four pints left, anyway. The pale ale is a lovely, fairly "soft," floral thing. I'm not sure I'll go that direction again--it's good, but not exactly to my taste.

Recommended Books