Thursday, June 25, 2009

Upcoming Brewing

My plans for the next few Brew Days are, admittedly, still somewhat nebulous, but I have some ideas. I have, of course, been 'challenged' by His Royal Highness of Atlantia to do a couple of brews; they will require the gathering of some additional ingredients, but nothing exotic. They should also take a bit more time than your average beer to produce, so doing them sooner rather than later is something of a must.

I have two large containers of varietal honey (1 gallon each raspberry and killer bee) that I need to do something with; they've been sitting around for over a year, and are quite likely crystallized. Larriland Farms (a local pick-your-own) has announced that they're in their black and red raspberry seasons; a melomel may well be in order for the raspberry honey. (I just picked up the latest WineMaker magazine, which has a lovely article on berry wines; that should help, as I've not had much luck doing the wine thing with fruit--although adding honey has always helped, it seems.)

Finally, on the 'plain beer' front, I'd like to do a relatively simple, nicely-hopped Amber Ale again. They're refreshing and tasty. I need to get through the current stuff on tap first, though, and I would like to see how the Memory Lapse came out finally; if I can taste it before my next Brew Day, I may want to do a repeat or a tweak of that.

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