A Busy Week...

This week has been crazy--in a good way, I suppose, but it's kept me from updating either this blog or my website as quickly as I'd like.

I started the week going to Boston for some work-related training. A good time was had. I had anticipated being able to find lots of Sam Adams available everywhere, and was pleased to be right. My only wish would have been to have more than Boston Lager and the current seasonal (Summer Ale, right now) available on draft. A bit of a pleasant surprise was finding both Harpoon IPA *and* Bass widely available on draft.

That was followed up by my 20-year High School reunion last night; I re-met many old friends with whom I had fallen out-of-touch, and was able to catch up on the latest in their lives, while still being able to reminisce about old times. It was fun--a bit loud, but fun.

On the SCA front, my Lady Wife is planning a new feat of garb for me to wear to Atlantian Coronation in August. If she has her way, I'll out-shine Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, and everybody, in a set of full Russian-style court garb. I'll be hoping for cool weather... In the meantime, there are a few other events reasonably locally that I hope to be able to attend.

Brewing-wise, the batch from the last Brew Day was racked onto its fruit (it's a Peach Wheat Ale); the Blackberry Stout is progressing nicely--still purple, and with oddly little blackberry flavor; the SMaSH Ale "twins" are kegged & carbed, just waiting for their time to come. Other brews are planned, or have otherwise been planned for me. A full slate, indeed.

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