Time marches on

Well, the last Brew Day went remarkably well. Beer was brewed, so the important part was taken care of... Additionally, lots of people came over, and the whole event turned into a barbecue/potluck sort of thing. I'd say a good time was had by all... I was able to introduce a couple of people to mead, which is always entertaining; I'm proud to say that the response to my brews was overwhelmingly positive.

In other news, the next Brew Day will be on the 24th of May. I'll probably be following that up in quick succession with a Brew Day early in June. I need to clear out a couple of kegs to move some of the things currently aging; I should be able to empty one or two at the Barony's event at the end of May (On Target), so that should keep me in business for a while.

Progress on the HERMS upgrade continues. I'm waiting on some temperature sensors that I hope will work--I had absolutely no luck with the LM34's. I'm sure they're wonderful sensors (and I'd love to be able to get Fahrenheit temps without conversion from Celsius), but I just absolutely couldn't get the things to work. Hopefully the DS18B20's will do the job. I've got the relay working, and the LCD figured out, and I figured out the I2C interface last week for the clock and data storage. I've got to figure out the addressing for the EEPROM yet, but that shouldn't be a big deal. Otherwise, it's mostly just programming, with a little hardware to put together. Woohoo!

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