Successful Brew Day

Well, last weekend's brewing went well. I brewed my follow-on to the French Pale Ale (this one with Carawheat), and Sorcha brewed a wit based on the last one I did. The ale came out well, but I'm concerned about the wit--I couldn't get a gravity reading on it over 4 Plato, which is exceptionally low. I suppose about 5 lbs of DME could be added; basically a "re-do" of primary fermentation, but I don't think it'd be the same. Ah, well...

The Perry was bottled, as well. Initial taste tests indicate that it most resembles a cheap white table wine. This is not a bad thing--just not where I had expected it to go. I meant to bottle the Lambic, but that will have to wait until next time. It's got a lovely wood flavor (from the oak table leg) under the tartness. There's a flavor to it that I'm not completely fond of, but it's not off-putting, and will quite probably age out as it sits.

I'm continuing to amass parts for the HERMs build. Apparently, if you ask nicely, many electronics manufacturers will send free samples! So, a couple of parts may arrive before horribly long (I hope), and drop the cost of the build by a couple of dollars. Every little bit helps!

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