Back from Vacation

San Diego was lovely. It's truly a nice town, with lots to do; the weather was good (when is it not, there?) and there was plenty to do and see and visit. To an extent, the only thing I could have asked for was to have a slightly less neurotic mother-in-law. Stereotypes? Who needs 'em!

In all, I limited myself quite a bit while there--mostly because I did most of the driving (GPS navigation systems are wonderful things). Partly because I didn't want to become a 'trained monkey' (my Lady Wife's words), expounding on the differences between various types and styles of beer.

We visited the Rock Bottom Restaurant in San Diego. It was really a nice place; my only true complaints would have to be that the fries were overcooked and too few (a minor thing, but really... are potatoes that expensive, these days?), and that the service was a bit iffy. We were a party of 9, which sort of explains it, but we were there at about 3pm, so it wasn't exceptionally busy.

Anyway, while there, I sampled one of the house beers: the Breakwater Pale Ale. It was truly a thing of beauty. Just the smell eased my burgeoning headache--lots of marvelous citrusy hop aroma, with just enough malt to balance. It was a lovely golden amber in color, and they brought it with a half-inch of creamy white head. The flavor was exactly what I had hoped; nice and crisp, and a marvelous contrast to the savory burger I ordered. On my scale of "would I order another," I have to give this beer a "yes, please. Two." Bravo!

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