March Brew Day

Well, it's around the corner. I'll be doing the follow-up to my SMaSH brew from last month: the same basic recipe, swapping out a pound of the base malt (which was all there was, last month) for a pound of specialty malt--in this case, I'm thinking some of the Crystal Wheat that I've got. I've had it for a while, and have been wondering what to do with it; without that, I'd likely go with a dark Munich malt or something similar. I'll be using the yeast cake from last month, as well--it seemed like a good yeast, once it finally got going.

The parts collection for the HERMS upgrade is moving along, as well. I've got the microcontroller, the temperature sensors, and a few other miscellaneous parts; there are a few things that I've ordered recently that aren't here yet. I think the biggest part of the actual HERMS upgrade will be a second pump. Moving up to keggles will be a "3.1" upgrade somewhere further on down the line. In all, I don't figure to have the rig switched to HERMS before August at the earliest, maybe September--although things have a tendency to leap ahead when I least expect them to.

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