Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lots to do

So, the Brew Day is coming up (three days from now), and I'm only just beginning to approach being almost ready. Granted, I've got the grains, and specialty grains, and hops, and a nice yeast cake--so, in that sense, I'm ready. My gear is still in its latest phase (while I learn PCB design, electronics, PICAXE programming, and a host of other things); fortunately, that phase is functional. But there's so much yet to do!

We've been having relatively decent weather of late, so we've cleaned up the back yard--but part of the assorted gardening/yard chores included splitting some spider plants. What were two large spider plants, hanging in windows in the living room, are now *four* moderately-sized spider plants, lounging in my Brewing Storage Room (avoiding a few early-spring frosts). On a somewhat related note, the hops (the ones the dog didn't dig up) are showing signs of life--small shoots are up; I'm just waiting for them to really get going...

I've got electrical diagrams and parts scattered across my desk, and tons of paperwork to file, just to have room to work. I'll probably do a bit of clearing of my Lady Wife's sewing table--just don't tell *her* that. And the Bar area is an unholy mess.

Why the frantic cleanup? Well, it's spring, for one--time for cleaning. I've also been contacted by someone who's interested in learning the Brewing Art--someone from the local Barony, no less! And it's a difficult thing to learn in a thoroughly messy environment. So, a bit of tidy-up is in order. Finally, if I'm to have *room* to brew, I've got to get a bunch of stuff bottled--the pyment can probably get bottled; the pear cider most likely can; the lambic should be about ready; my last two beers, the SMaSH and the Helles, are also coming ready for their containers. Egad, I've got to finish off a keg to have room, too... Ah, trials and tribulations...

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