Budweiser American Ale

Something you may not have every expected to see me do: a review of one of the new "micros" produced by the macro-brewers; in this instance, specifically Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser American Ale. Whatever else you may say about the macro-brewers, their quality control and consistency are second to none. (Granted, their quality may come into question...) The bottle poured exactly as expected, leaving a lovely one inch of head. It had a nice amber color, and retained its effervescence through the entirety of the drink. It smelled of hops, but not much malt in the nose. Upon drinking, its taste paralleled its aroma--lots of hops, no malt to speak of. It finished dry, with no particular aftertaste.

I'm guessing that they were aiming for an IPA; with a bigger malt profile, they may have even had a fairly respectable version. As it is, the American Ale is (while not great) quite drinkable, and far from bad--it passes the "I'd order another one" test, but much would depend on what was available--it might not necessarily be my first choice for what to order.

My next review: Paulaner Oktoberfest, and (probably) my Scottish 70/-.

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