University, October 2008

Yesterday was Atlantian University, and I taught my long-awaited Intro to All-Grain Brewing class. (Well, long-awaited by me, anyway.) Things seemed to go pretty well. I think that I'll stretch the class out to 2 hours next time, as that's really a *lot* of information to go through in an hour; I felt a little rushed for parts of it. 2 hours would also give me the opportunity to bring in a bit of equipment to help describe what's going on for the brew.

One thing that the class was good for was creating a number of new contacts. It seems that there are a number of folks both (relatively) locally and within a reasonable driving distance who want to learn to brew. Everyone who was in my class now has the URL for this site, as well as for my webpage; by extension, this means they have my email address, and we can arrange further hands-on classes at a later date.

Also, I let everyone there know about my upcoming Brew Day, a week from today. I believe I'll try for 'take two' of the Kolsch that practically disappeared last weekend. I'll have to use the Golden Promise malt, rather than the American Pale 2-Row that I used last time, but that should only improve things, I would think. Regardless, it's more beer, which is always a good thing, right?

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