Ready for the Weekend

Well, almost ready, anyway. I've got my handout typed up; I just need to make sufficient copies of it. I also need to get my teaching points down by heart, as best I can. And once it stops raining, I can grab my grain mill and make a sample of well-milled grain. Other grain samples are prepped; other than those, that's all I really need! The student count was up to 13 this morning; I can guess at four, and make some wild stabs at who maybe two others are. Double or triple the 'usual crowd' will be a great showing, for something beer-related. I'm pleased!

I've also just finished comparing my recipe for the Kolsch from last weekend to the recipe I based mine (loosely) off of--and the hopping was, in fact, much higher than it really needed to be. To wit, the 'basic' Kolsch recipe didn't have the late hop addition at all, only the bittering. Still, I rather enjoyed that bit of it, even if I would tweak it downwards slightly. I think I'll keep to my recipe for the next version, but use the Golden Promise malt as a base, rather than the standard American 2-row Pale that I use. Hopefully that will bump up the malt flavor enough to compensate for some of the hops; a third batch (perhaps as late as January?) will see the hops shifting, depending on what version two ends up like.

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