So, I found a source for 100% pear cider (no apples involved, just pears). The sample was quite sweet; the price was right. So, probably tomorrow sometime, I'll be adding some pectic enzyme and some yeast; by this time next year, it will have fermented out, come clear, and been bottled. Hopefully, it'll taste as good then as it does now--albeit changed slightly by the alchemy that is fermentation.

I think an interesting thing will be to document this brew. I'll post occasional (monthly?) updates, including photos and the occasional tasting note. We'll see how this ends up.

In other news, I'll be racking the Kolsch tomorrow; I may well rack the Wit, as well. The wit has decided to kick into fermentation again--I suppose it has decided it likes the cooler temperatures in the basement now that autumn has decided to really kick in. (Another couple of weeks at this rate, and the basement will be at its annual 'cool' temperature level.) No telling how much longer it'll ferment--I'd be surprised if it were more than a week or so, though. Regardless, the Kolsch will go in secondary for a few days, then head into the chill chest for a bit.

I'm also ready for my next Brew Day--this one will be my Halloween Brew. A nice Holiday Ale for Samhain. (It'll be ready for next year's holiday season--or at least, that's the plan.) I'm still waiting to see what everyone thinks I should do for it--the poll is off to the right... Vote early, vote often!

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