Pear Cider, and the UPS

My Hard Pear Cider has been started. As promised, I will document its progress. I used 100% pure pear cider, not mixed with apple cider or with water. The only things I added were some fructose I had laying around (to bump up the OG, in the hopes of this ending up with a little residual sweetness), some pectic enzyme (to help it clear), and the yeast. Here is the cider, before going in to the fermenter:

Images of it fermenting, and further progress, will come along shortly-ish.

As for the UPS: I've had issues with my local UPS drivers. Normally, they leave packages sitting on my front stoop, not bothering to knock, or ring the doorbell, or even yell to let someone know that they've been by. To expand upon this, some of the local neighborhood teens find it amusing to 'liberate' things from people's front yards--normally pink flamingos and the like, but small packages aren't outside the realm of possibility. This week, they hit a new low.

So, as I was cleaning up from my last Brew Day, I accidentally dropped my March pump onto the cold, hard tile of my basement. Ordinarily, things get dropped around here all the time, to no particular damage, but the pump heads are somewhat fragile things--while they can handle the heat of recently-boiled wort, sudden blunt force trauma is bad for them. With the impact, the pump head broke. 'No problem,' says I, 'I'll just order me a new one.' So I did.

The pump head arrived on Monday. Again, the UPS driver dropped off the box at the door, with no notification to anyone (my Lady Wife was home all day) that he had done so. But a look at the box:
...Reveals that it was handled less-than-gently. Fortunately, nothing inside was damaged; still, I am less than pleased with them, and they will (again) be hearing from me.

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