Brew Day Coming

It looks like this Sunday's Brew Day will be well-attended: at least three people have expressed the intention of coming. If things go as 'normal,' that's all that will be coming--but after University, the brew day may attract one or two others. Including me, I'm setting the over/under at 5, which is rather a large crowd.

I'm still planning on re-doing the Kolsch; one other brewer wants to do a spiced Saison 'half-batch.' Fairly simple brews, for the most part--the Kolsch, in particular, is straightforward. I need to hit Maryland Homebrew (my local supply store) for the yeast, hops, and about a half-pound of grain. I should probably refill a propane tank, too; I've got two that need swapping, and I'm not sure that the two that are hooked up will last the day.

The weather promises to cooperate this time, too. The last brew day was nearly rained out--Hurricane Hanna, or at least its remnants, was rolling through town just as the boil was starting. This weekend they're calling for clear to partly cloudy skies, and a comfortable 71 degrees F. We may be able to sit outside for large chunks of the brew day, even!

I should probably contemplate my Halloween brew, while I'm thinking of it. I've got it narrowed pretty well to two recipes; which one to brew is (as always) the question. Go with the 'bigger' (OG 1.090), more highly spiced recipe? With the 'smaller' (OG 1.075), more restrained one? Or mix-and-match? What say you, loyal reader(s)? I've added a poll at right to express *your* opinions. Let's hear it!

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