Revamped Beer Cart

So, despite the (torn? strained?) muscle in my back, yesterday was spent re-engineering part of my Beer Cart (from which I serve my brews at events). I had initially only intended to make a 'cooler' for the chill plate (a box for the plate & the ice), but ended up re-engineering much of the 'working' part of the box. To wit, I switched which end of the cart has the tower, 'tweaked' how the non-tower side hinges with the cart, and built the box. Pictures follow:
This is the 'cooler' for the chill-plate. I know, black isn't necessarily the best color for it, but it'll be inside the cart when in use, so solar-thermal heat absorption shouldn't be too big of an issue.

This is the finished 'serving top.' The tower is now matte black and a couple of inches shorter, which (due to the geometry of things) actually buys me a bit of room inside the cart. To compensate for the color (again, thermal absorption) I cut up some of the blue styrofoam insulation scraps and stuffed the tower full of 'em.

I also managed to get everything hooked up & tested; no leaks were noted. I may have to play a bit more with serving pressure from the CO2 tank--the lines overall are longer than I really like, but that's unavoidable with the plate--but I should be able to make this work. As mentioned, the cart will see its first 'live' use at Lochmere's Baronial Birthday this coming weekend! (Now, to make sure the beer is properly carbonated...)

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