Long weekend

So, our long-awaited 'replacement yurt' arrived over the week (the reason for the name is a long story, best saved for another post). Its frame is much bulkier than the original's was; its canvas/cover is much lighter. The folks who made it (about whom I'll converse with folks via email, not in an open forum such as this) neglected to 'create' a set of instructions for it; several (necessary) holes were also undrilled. All that aside, I'm pleased to (finally) have it. Saturday was spent setting it up, only to take it back down immediately. Today we've been extremely busy running errands, not least of which to include taking the yurt to the trailer. This required reorganizing the contents of the trailer.

Additionally, I've been working (in my copious free time) on the Beer Cart. I've got to replace the beer lines; I'm also going to be building a cold compartment for the chill plate. I've several ideas for that. Other minor changes include a latch for the access door, to keep it from swinging open all the time as it had done.

To top all of this off, my Lady Wife has had a pile of sewing to do; we've had to clean the house up for an A&S Night we're hosting tomorrow, and I've got bunches of stuff from research materials I need to make copies of, in addition to working on my class for University.

So, to make a long, rambling post even longer, I've been too busy this weekend to do much posting; hopefully, things will smooth out this week, and I'll be able to add a bit more.

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