Long, strange trip...

Or, at the very least, a long, strange week. I've been in a class all week, touching up some of my work skills. In addition, I'm overcoming a sinus infection that had me literally bedridden on Tuesday. With all of this, I haven't had much energy or motivation for beer (gasp! horror!), or for blogging about it.

Some of the other excitement for the week involved a glitch in the SCA event registration system (or, at the least, a miscommunication within it) that got the event I'm autocratting in January bumped from the schedule. I'm not certain yet how much action will be required on my part to fix it--the email I got regarding the issue seemed to indicate that it'll be taken care of by my Seneschal, but at this point I'm going to coordinate closely with him, as I don't want anything else to slip through the cracks.