A day late

But, I survived. Brewday went fairly well, considering--torrential downpours during the first half, with rather strong gusts of wind afterward. Probably burned through more of the 'main burner' propane tank than I really like. First experience with the new mash-tun, too; it's nice, for being able to hold much more grain, but it'll take some adjusting to. Efficiencies were somewhat low for what I'm used to (I was typically hitting around 80%; the 70/- got 70% efficiency). Didn't hurt anything--the recipes were geared for 70%, so everything came out 'as planned,' sorta.

There ended up being three of us. My 'usual' partner-in-crime, my friend doing the barleywine, and my friend learning how to do all of this. All in all, I'd say the whole thing went fairly well. My next planned brew day will be the second weekend of October, I believe; I'll have to re-set the countdown.

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