Another Upcoming Brew Day!

So, I have my Lady Wife's permission to have another Brew Day next month, although I suppose it could technically count for the month after. Yes, once the kiddies have gone to bed (following their trick-or-treating run), I'll be firing up the burners for the (hopefully) First Annual Halloween Midnight Brew!

I haven't completely settled on what to brew, exactly: right now, I'm leaning towards doing a nice, big Holiday Spiced Ale to lay down for next year's holiday season. I'll already have (hopefully) a new cider going for next year, meaning we'll be drinking the one currently in bottles here shortly. I'll have my lagering chest back after the Baronial Birthday this weekend, so a lager is a possibility. I rather thought, though, that given the (hopefully) annual nature of this event, a bigger beer to age until next year would be the best choice. (My other option is to do something that will be ready for January's event, but I'm not sure I want to go that way with a Brewing Event, when I can do something like that for a regular Brew Day.)

Anyway, that's my thinking at present. Stay tuned for further updates!

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