What's coming up...

I've been asked to do a 1-2 hour class on all-grain brewing for the Atlantian Fall University in October. Shouldn't be a problem, beyond deciding how basic to make it. Do I go as elementary as explaining that 'beer is made (broadly) from malt, hops, water, and yeast,' or take that as a known? I've got ideas; and whatever level I decide to take it, I can always 'ad-lib' it at other levels of detail.

I'm also looking at a Brewing Day on the 6th of September. I haven't decided yet what to brew; I'm leaning towards a Scottish Ale, probably something in the 50/- range. I'm not certain if I'll try for a second brew. I'm open to suggestions... I'll have room in the lagering chest, so maybe a bock or a helles.

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