Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time counts down

As I approach the next Brew Day (the 6th of September), the Lochmere Baronial Birthday (the 27th of September), and Fall University (the 4th of October). At these, I'll be brewing, serving a brew, and discussing all-grain brewing, respectively.

The most complex of the three, from my current perspective, is the class at University. I'm not sure what level my 'students' will be, or how many of them I'll have. I don't know how in-depth I'll be able to or will have to go. Right now, I'm aiming at something rather conversational, easing an extract brewer into brewing all-grain. I mean, really, the only difference is the mash--for an extract batch, the extract manufacturer has done the mash and sparge for you. The question, really, is will I have to go into the enzymatic activity (why the mash works), or just describe the process (broadly how the mash works)? Hopefully, I'll be able to get with Sorcha about this beforehand.

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